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Polish cut outs

Polish cut outs - hand made

Unknown kind of art in other parts of the world includes colourful paper cuts flowers or scenes taken from a daily life work in field, play, elements of wedding clothes and ceremony. It’s actually genuinely spontaneous creation of country peoples spiritual life.
You can hand it up or stick on the wall or put it anywhere you wish.

Paper cuts are divided into three groups:
- round - called “Gwiozdy” because of their shape of star

Wycinanka łowicka ażurowaWycinanka łowicka ażurowa - fragment

- rectangular - called “Kodry” - usually they present scenes of life

Wycinanka łowicka Kodra

- vertical - called “Tasiemki” because of their shape of laces.


Elements of traditional art aren’t used any more in everyday life but they are still hand made.
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